Our Company

A few words about us...

Αfter many years of experience and activity in medical equipment line of business, we create the Greek line of medical wear with the brand name “ALEZI”.

In 2013, we started the disposal at the Greek market, medical wear products, with the brand name “ALEZI”.

Our team’s and its manager  highest concern is the excellent quality of our products, comfortable fit and elegance, meeting the demanding job circumstances of medical, nursing and paramedical staff.

Our products are dispensed at wholesale prices in Greece and in Europe. For our clients’s best service, we care for the direct availability and sending of our products. The organization and function of our company, always focus on configuring low prices keeping though the excellent quality. .

This  sewing machine is a great antique of our company with great sentimental value!
A sewing machine is a machine for sewing, basting or stitching fabrics with thread. It was implemented during the first Industrial Revolution, in 1790, and achieved a great improvement in the efficiency and productivity of industry.